Communi-CRATE Worksheets

Here are a range of worksheets developed by the Children's Involvement Team, to aid direct work with children and young people. The worksheets are all around children's wishes and feelings.

Anger Map

Download Anger Map



Download Certificate


Circle of Friends

Download Circle of friends


Desert Island

Download Desert Island


Graffiti Wall

Download Graffiti Wall


I don't like

Download I don't Like



Download Faces



Download Feelings


Funny Faces

Download Funny Faces


Growing Happy Feelings

Download Growing Happy


I am afraid

Download I am afraid


I am good at

Download I am good at

I like

Download I like


I pretend

Download I pretend


I wish

Download I wish


My Review

Download My Review


Secret Computer

Download Secret Computer


Where Are You?

Download Where are you?



Download Magic


Map - Life story/ Journey work

Download Map


My Fabulous Dream

Download My fabulous Dream


Nicest Day

Download Niceset Day


Perfect Day

Download Perfect day


Taking risks

Download Risky Business


Secret Cupboard

Download Secret Cupboard


Telling People

Download Telling People


When I Grow Up

Download When I grow up


Feelings game

Feelings game

Download Feelings game

Good day/ bad day

Download Good day/ bad day

An alien in a new place


Download An alien in a new place




Me on TV

(with instructions)

Download Me onTV


Bag of worries

Download Bag of worries


Why Did I Go Into Care?

Download Why


Letting go of worries

Download Letting go of worries


In Hospital

Download Hospital


3 Houses

(worries, good things and dreams)

3 Houses

Download 3 Houses




Magnetic Men Template

Download Magnetic Men




(to use in a family tree)

Download Leaves


Jigsaw Pieces

Download Jigsaw Pieces


Family Tree

Family Tree

Download Family Tree