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The Children's Involvement Team (CIT) has come a long way since its creation back in 2003. At first, known then as Children's Voices (CV), it was established to find out children's views on the schemes and projects set up by the Sheffield Children's Fund.

CV's aim was to use fun, engaging and innovative techniques to communicate with children and allow them to give feedback on the service they were receiving. From this beginning, the CV team extended its reach into enhancing the participation and involvement of children and young people in all areas of their lives, becoming experts in communicating with children and young people of all abilities and ages.

CIT has now harnessed this experience to provide a wide range of projects and work all centred around the voice of the child, with a particular focus on children and adults upto 25 years old who are involved in the care system.

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Our aim is to help ensure children, young people and care experienced people have a voice in the world around them. We also use our work to respond to national and local research with children and young people in care and care experienced people.



We provide advocacy for children and young people at Child Protection Conferences, as well as for all Sheffield children, young people and care leavers from 0-25yrs old. Click here for for more information.

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Create & Change Groups

The C&C groups consist of the SUN Speak Up Now care leavers' group (SCLU), Sheffield Children in Care Council and the Little Children in Care Council. These groups encompass all of Sheffield's children and young people in care and care experienced people upto 25yrs old and gives them a chance to express their experiences and improve the care system through action and activities.

Independent Visitors

An independent visitor is an adult who meets with a child or young person who is in care, or who has recently left care, to do a fun activity together. This helps the young person to do what they enjoy and provides them with a positive adult role model. The consistent friendship helps the young person to build self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

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Voice & Influence Team

This nationally acclaimed team help improve things for looked after and care experienced children, young people and adults upto 25 years old. The V&I workers support activities to share the views of care experienced young people and are commissioned to do pieces of work around voice and influence.  

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CIT provide a range of training for individuals and groups on creative communication with children and young people. Fill out a form below and contact us to find out more about what we can offer you and your organisation.

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All children have the right to have their view heard and for it to be taken seriously. CIT can plan and deliver consultations on your behalf to find out what children and young people in your setting think and feel. Contact us below to find out more information and prices.

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We believe communicating with children and young people in a way they understand and in way which is fun is essential for effective working


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Clare Humberstone

Children's Involvement Service Manager

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Angela Taylor

Independent Visitors Scheme Manager

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Clare Holdsworth

Voice & Influence Team Leader

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Sarah Nash

Children and Young People's Advocate & Children in Care Council Coordinator

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Max Bellwood

Children and Young People's Advocate & Communications Officer

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Sarah Javes

Independent Visitors Coordinator

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Siobhan Hargreaves

Children and Young People's Advocate & Little CiCC Coordinator

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Ash Marshall

Independent Visitors Coordinator

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